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At first, before the onset of jaundice, hepatitis resembles the flu and begins with fever, headache, general malaise, body aches, as in hepatitis A. In hepatitis B and C, naprosyn pills is usually more gradual, without a sharp rise in temperature. Thus, the hepatitis B virus manifests itself as a slight temperature, joint pain, and sometimes rashes.

Initial manifestations of hepatitis C may be limited to weakness and loss of appetite. After a few days, the picture begins to change: appetite disappears, pains appear in the right hypochondrium, nausea, vomiting, urine darkens and feces become discolored. Doctors fix an increase in the liver and less often - in the spleen. Changes characteristic of hepatitis are found in the blood: specific markers of viruses, bilirubin increases, liver tests increase by 8–10 times.

Usually, after the appearance of jaundice, the condition of naproxen price improves. However, this does not happen with hepatitis C, as well as in chronic alcoholics and drug addicts, regardless of the type of virus that causes the disease, due to intoxication of the body. In the rest of the patients gradually, within a few weeks, there is a reverse development of symptoms. This is how acute forms of viral hepatitis proceed. The clinical course of hepatitis can be of varying severity: mild, moderate and severe forms. There is also a fourth, fulminant, that is, a lightning-fast form. This is the most severe type of hepatitis, in which massive liver necrosis develops, usually ending in the death of the patient.

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The greatest danger is the chronic course of hepatitis. Chronization is typical only for hepatitis B, C, D. The most characteristic signs of chronic hepatitis are malaise and increased fatigue by the end of the day, the inability to perform previous physical activity. At an advanced stage of chronic viral hepatitis, jaundice, darkening of urine, skin itching, bleeding, weight loss, enlarged liver and spleen, and spider veins are found.

The duration of hepatitis A is on average 1 month. Special antiviral treatment for this disease is not required. Treatment includes: basic therapy, bed rest, diet. If there are indications, detoxification therapy (intravenously or orally), symptomatic therapy is prescribed. It is generally recommended to avoid alcohol, which, like a poisonous substance, can weaken an already damaged liver.

Acute viral hepatitis B with severe clinical symptoms ends with recovery in more than 80% of cases. In patients who have undergone anicteric and subclinical forms, hepatitis B often becomes chronic. Chronic hepatitis leads over time to the development of cirrhosis and liver cancer. A complete cure for chronic hepatitis B practically does not occur, but a favorable course of the disease can be achieved if certain recommendations are followed regarding the regime of work and rest, nutrition, psycho-emotional stress, as well as when taking drugs that improve metabolic processes in liver cells.

Basic therapy is mandatory. Antiviral treatment is prescribed and carried out under the strict supervision of a doctor and in cases where there are indications. Antiviral treatment includes drugs of the interferon group. Treatment is carried out for a long time. Sometimes repeated courses of therapy are necessary.

Hepatitis C is the most serious type of hepatitis. The development of the chronic form is observed in at least every seventh patient. These patients are at high risk of developing cirrhosis and liver cancer. The basis of all treatment regimens is interferon-alpha. The mechanism of action of this drug is to prevent infection of new liver cells (hepatocytes). The use of interferon cannot guarantee a complete recovery, however, treatment with it prevents the development of cirrhosis or liver cancer.

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Hepatitis D occurs only against the background of hepatitis B. Treatment of hepatitis D should be carried out in a hospital. Both basic and antiviral therapy are required. There is no cure for hepatitis E, as the human body is strong enough to get rid of the virus without the help of treatment. In a month and a half there is a complete recovery.